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Another Challenge

Twelve years ago I had my third child and that was when I found out what anxiety was. I started out with agoraphobia (not being able to leave your house). It has been a long process of suffering with panic attacks and all types of anxiety. My biggest fear is driving alone and being too far from home. I have made plenty of steps forward as well as being set back.

My goal now, that I’m pregnant with my fourth child, is to overcome this obstacle and move on with my life again. Many people suffer with different types of anxiety such as social or generalized anxiety. I have never heard of such thing until I began dealing with it myself. Now it is talked about often and more and more people seem to experience it. In hopes of helping others and having my readers push me along, I believe we can all help each other.

At one point everything has made me anxious from leaving my house to walking in a store. Music has always helped me to distract the anxiety. So here is my first challenge to you: comment something that gives you anxiety and something that helps your anxiety.

One thought on “Another Challenge

  1. I too like you experienced agoraphobia it all started for me right after my first child which makes me believe maybe it is hormone related. After a long battle with not leaving my house and having my comfort zones and how far I could go before having to turn the car around and go back home bc of the feeling of fear in which oh lasted I would say 10 years beginning at the age of 18. I finally for the first time saw the light. Now don’t get me wrong anxiety never completely goes away and I get nervous now over little things still to this day like worrying over if I done this or that right and lots of what If thinking but I don’t let the fear overcome me like I once did. I know when to turn off that fight or flight feeling so that I don’t have to turn that car around in fear of what seems like last for hours where I can’t breathe and my heart racing a million to one miles per hour when in actuality I’ve only been panicking for 2 minutes lol…. I had to learn how to cope and to tell myself that if I panic now it’s the same as if I am paniking at home for it doesn’t matter where I am my body is just that it’s me and I have control over me. Once I figured this out I was able to take hold back on my life and begin to live. Reprogram your thinking process, push yourself to go that extra mile and never let fear overtake you, we only get one chance at life and this body is temporary. They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? Well, these words couldn’t be more true. Over come your fear today and realize you are in control of your mind, body, and soul no matter where your at and that fear and anxiety is not in control of you and let yourself relax no matter if your in your own front yard or a million miles away;)
    Thank You


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